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Impeccable customer service, beautiful shopping experiences, plus client confidentiality … top priorities at LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie since 2006!

One sunny day … almost in the twinkling of an eye … news spread about the land regarding an economic turn. And then, on one of those mornings in January 2006 … one-ringy-dingy … two-ringy-dingy … my now business partner is phoning with an invitation to a seminar regarding shopping malls on the Internet (almost too good to be true, right?). Fortunately, we became swept up in the fact that she and I could truly be one of those trustworthy, online stores, that really does offer an enchanting, worldwide wonderland filled with fascinating lingerie and costume for ladies, captivating chemise negligees for women, plus yummy lingerie teddies and lingerie rompers for married couples, in addition to UjENA one-piece bathing suits, two-piece bathing suits, plus bathing suit coverups and clothes, all outfitted for the flattering of the beautiful features of the small through the plus-size. And so, this story, and your online shopping mall, began. Our dedication to the customer & this site remains constant, and our desire to build this wife and husband-oriented, user-friendly, plus gimmick-free website remains strong. We understand the customer deserves a secure and affordable place to online shop for posh, discount lingerie, and unique, discount UjENA, on today’s Internet. We hereby joyfully present to you … LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie.

Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, addresses the fact that circumstances change and that God has a planned timing for these changes in our lives. Satan offers us two lies regarding this timing; the “forever” lie and the “never” lie. When we face negative circumstances, the enemy tries to make us believe they will go on forever and that things will never change. Both lies create worry and fear in our hearts and a battle in our minds. Both are untrue because, sooner or later, everything in our life will change. Only The Creator never changes!

Grace is God’s power made available to us, free of charge, enabling us to do with ease what we cannot ever do on our own with struggle & effort. Amazing!

High-Neck Bathing Suit & Lingerie

… just in!

LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie donates 10% of the LàSensuals monthly gross to St. Jude Children’s Hospital … feel free to contribute more via this link:

Letter from LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie

Dear Valued Customer:

Do you seek a trustworthy online store for lingerie, bathing suits, and plus-size collections that provides stellar customer service and exceeds expectations? Well … give LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie a try. As we strive for excellence, your input is invaluable. Please, take a moment to give us your thoughts, comments, etc. via the LàSensuals Contact Us page. Our desire is to build and improve!

Your business, your shopping desires, and your input are of utmost importance to LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie. Is there a particular piece you seek, yet do not see on LàSensuals? Do we have something you absolutely love, yet a particular size is not shown here? Maybe there is something in a particular color you are looking for? Possibly something close to your fashion taste, and you are curious as to whether there may be something similar out there on the world-wide-web? Feel free to contact LàSensuals and get answers to questions about quality lingerie, plus Ujena Swimwear beachwear. We truly welcome opportunities to assist our valued customers!

Also, please bookmark us, tell your friends about us, and check back regularly for new and exciting collections. May God grant you health, prosperity, peace, and much joy!

All correspondence is confidential. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your trusted business friends,

LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie

LàSensuals encourages the study of the proverbs of King Solomon of Israel, David’s son. He wrote to them to teach his people how to live – how to act in every circumstance … for he wanted them to be understanding, just, and fair in everything they did. “I want to make the simple-minded wise!” he said. “I want to warn young men about some problems they will face. I want those already wise to become the wiser and become leaders by exploring the depths of meaning in these nuggets of truth.”

How does a man become wise? The first step is to trust and reverence the Lord!

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