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Enjoy beaches to swimming pools plus backyard barbeques with family & friends in our breathtaking collection of UjENA one-piece bathing suits. Shop sensual patterns like leopards and dots to fascinating fabrics such as sheer lace and metallic … some made for totally supporting the lady while she is swimming … some designed totally for the ladies’ husband’s eyes only. Buy one-piece bathing suits (size 0 through size 20) in neon colors and head to the waters, plus one-piece bodysuits that zipper in front and get on the meditation mat. Crisscrossing straps to scoop-back in the backs, plus shelf-bras to free-style in the fronts. LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie has the ladies’ upper torso styling in One-Piece Bathing Suits. Humans will hurt humans (intentionally or not). The good news … it is what is within us that makes us feel hurt/anger (take offense); we have the ability to change what is within us when we know who we are in Christ.

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