Haley Robe

Haley Robe by Curve Lingerie. Silky soft mesh. Lace embellish neckline plus bell/long-sleeve. Open front. Self-tying belt. High-waist/lace waistband/full pantie. Hot Pink. Plus-size 1/2X, 3/4X.

Haley Robe

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Silky mesh wrapped with lace! The Haley Robe by Curve is all-mesh wrapped about the sleeves and neckline with beautiful lace. Step straight out of the shower and slip into long bell sleeves that will sheathe the arms in sheer elegance. Swaddle the torso from the tip-tops of the shoulders through to the thighs in silky meg. Gently secure the waistline with the self-tie belting. Slide into the full pantie and enjoy a cup of fresh, hot coffee snuggled up at the breakfast nook. Rather cuddlin’ up on the couch with the spouse or taking the Haley Robe by Curve Lingerie along on a romantic, weekend getaway, fall in love with the silky mesh mixed with hot-pink lace encounters. Available in plus-size increments 1X/2X and 3X/4X.

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