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Drop Shoulder Beach Robe


Drop Shoulder Beach Robe by Ujena Swimwear. Wrinkle-free. Long/ninety-degree side slits. Single-tie front. 100% Polyester. White. Size Small/Medium/Large/XL/1X.

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The sheer Drop Shoulder Beach Robe by Ujena Swimwear radiates stylish excellence from the tips of the drop shoulders to somewhere near the ankles’ hem. Two long incisions are cut into ninety-degree angles along both sides. A single-string tie at both sides of the bustline secures the front. Drop shoulders hang loosely to just around the elbows area providing a bind-free fit. Wrinkle-free/go-bag-ready. Slip into the UjENA Drop Shoulder Beach Robe after a relaxing evening bathtime plus during an evening of entertaining guests by the poolside. Available in size increments Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and 1X.

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