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Ujena Islander tankini.

Islander Banded Top


Goddess Bathing Suit Bottom

Ujena Goddess bottoms.

Islander Banded Skirt


Islander Skirt by Ujena Swimwear. Band wide waist-to-hip. Built-in bottom. Full lining. A-line skirt overlay. White. Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size. Islander top sold separately.

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Band for a whole lotta fun! From the swimming pool tiki to the surface of the tennis courts, this Islander Skirt by Ujena Swimwear bands broadly about the waist-to-hips. An A-line skirt cinctures the tummy plus surrounds both thighs. A built-in bikini bottom with smooth and silky lining lays underneath. The high-waist plus wide waistband is an adjustable foldover … just in case the misses had rather it sit low about her hips. And, when the Islander Skirt by Ujena Swimwear is paired with the UjENA Islander top, wah-lah … an outstanding outfit for the beach, the honeymoon, a gym, plus grillin’ hot dogs in the backyard.

Why do we get so frustrated with God when He will not straighten out, in a short/set amount of time that we set for Him, what it has taken us multiple years to get ourselves into?

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