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Open-Back Teddy


Open-Back Teddy by Shirley of Hollywood. Long/bell-sleeve. Deep plunge front. Adjustable/neck-strap closure. Skimpy rear. Lace. Lavender, Black. Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size.

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Lost in Lace! Get caught in this Open-Back Teddy by Shirley of Hollywood. Long-sleeve plus dipped way down-to-there front neckline; a masterpiece of fine threads entangling each other. Both bell sleeves are fully covered in beds of flowers and leaves plus holes and bulbs that trail the length of each arm and elegantly widen around the wrists. An intense V-angle carved within the front sensually exposes her sublime skin plus picturesque cleavage. Each of the leg openings is arched into a high cut that spans to the almost thong rear. An oversized hole with a seamed bottom and scalloping along the edges is topped by an adjustable sliding strap for closure along the nape of the neck. She is sure to look good coming and going in this long-sleeve Open-Back Teddy by Shirley of Hollywood.

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