Off-Shoulder Negligee by Elegant Moments Lingerie

Off-Shoulder Negligee by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Holiday/holly motif. Dangling/fluttery/off-shoulders lace embellish. Plunge front. Underwire. Half-size/oval keyhole. Midnight-Blue/Turquoise. Small/Medium/Large/Plus-Size.

Off-Shoulder Negligee by Elegant Moments Lingerie

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Up, up, and away … into a midnight blue! Escape into the joyous Christmas holiday season wearing this quite elegant Off-Shoulder Negligee by Elegant Moments Lingerie loaded up with midnight-blue plus turquoise embroideries. Two over-the-shoulder straps string tips of underwired cups together plus meet with the half-moon keyhole back. Pad-free cups of all lace are reinforced along the inside borders by an encased blue elastic braid that also suspends the ruffled strips of fluttery lace, and off-shoulder embellish. An intense plunge decorates the front as four flexible strips of midnight-blue trim horizontally line plus bridge the intense plummet. The off-shoulder lace pieces trail and attach to the cutout back that fastens via hook and eye clasps directly above the half-oval-shaped keyhole. Every intricate holly-shaped petal within the midnight-blue embroidery is outlined with a contrasting thread in the shade of turquoise on the Off-Shoulder Negligee from the Elegant Moments Lingerie, Holiday Collection.

God created us to enjoy life! Sometimes we may allow the world to lead us into worldly ways via what we see, what we feel, and what we think. As children of the highest God, we should learn how to train ourselves differently. Feelings and fads come and go.




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