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South Pacific Sheer Tunic


South Pacific Sheer Tunic by Ujena Swimwear. On/off-shoulder boatneck. Square cut/seam sides. Imprints of fall-color flowers within soft/airy mesh/spandex. Lower thigh-length. One-Size.

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Stay tuned! This South Pacific Sheer Tunic by Ujena Swimwear comes tuned up and ready for lounging around the house wearing nothing underneath to slipping over atop a bathing suit after some sunning and funning plus tossing on over the yoga outfit after body posing and breathing. An on/off-shoulder boatneck plus loose and open arm openings allow for lots of space inside the square-cut shirt. A little bit of spandex mixed with the sheer flower-print mesh flows freely down to thigh-length. Relax … do hobbies … take the coverup on a cruise … the UjENA Sheer Tunic is wrinkle-free plus super-soft on the skin. Available One-Size.

God gives us all dreams! When we need a fresh connection, allow the Holy Spirit to reveal/awaken our dreams and visions. And, don’t forget to enjoy life along the way; step-by-step, one day at a time. Our Creator is as interested in the process as He is in the result.

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