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Sheer Tunic


Sheer Tunic by Ujena Swimwear. Boatneck/off-the-shoulders. Square-cut polyester/spandex. Open armholes. Split sides. Low-to-mid thigh length. Paradise Plum. Loose-fit/One Size.

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Paradise is here! This Sheer Tunic by Ujena Swimwear slips over-top bathing suits after sunning plus lounges quite well around the house atop a tee shirt and shorts. The boatneck coverup is a big ole piece of sheer polyester cut into a square providing ample space inside. Small seams along both sides close the square and form open armholes plus slits along the sides. A wee bit of spandex is mixed in with this Paradise Plum polyester and hemmed at a length of low-to-mid thighs. Tend to the household … take the Sheer Tunic by Ujena Swimwear on a cruise … whatever one covers, love the super-soft Paradise Plum fabric that will not wrinkle at all.

Isn’t it awesome to know … no matter what we have done, or what we may do, and, no matter where we are in life at this time, God has chosen to love us unconditionally? He created us. He is love. And, it all has zero to do with our actions.

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