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UjENA French Dot


French Dot by Ujena Swimwear. Connect the dots! Sheer poly/polka dots. Wide/over-shoulder straps. Scoop-back/front necklines. Low-cut legs. Lower front lining. Size 4-18.

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Connect the dots! The French Dot by Ujena Swimwear is as sheer polyester as they come. Wide over-the-shoulder straps trail to an intense scoop-back. Just a wee bit of black underlay provides coverage for the privates in the lower front section … almost to the tune of an itsy-bitsy bikini. One black dot to the next black spot is embedded throughout the sheer polyester … a husband’s sweetest dream. Low-cut legs plus full buttocks covering call for a romantic connect-the-dots pool party every time. Put the kids to bed and take advantage of some midnight fun in this splattered by polka dots, UjENA French Dot, sheer one-piece.

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