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Sheer Festival One-Piece


Sheer Turquoise Festival by Ujena Swimwear. There’s a party in the pool! Swirls/twirls firework-festival lace one-piece. Wide straps. Scoop-back/front. Mid-cut legs/rear.

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There is gonna be a party in the pool!  This delicate Festival lace one-piece by Ujena Swimwear will have a hubby’s head spinning in celebration as the moonlight fills the swimming pool with glistenings of fireworks and her.  Wide and comfy straps over the shoulders.  A delightful scoop in the front neckline mimics the full scoop that is cut into the back of the suit.  The leg openings are made for riding high up on the upper thighs (mid-cut) which provides full to mid coverage for the buttock.  However, be prepared for hardly any coverage a’tall while suit-up in this Sheer Turquoise Festival cause from the tips of the lower extremities lining to the tops of the wide straps, the one-piece is lining-free.  You see, every stitch within the bright turquoise, lace fabric is a conglomerate of tiny holes that wind and bend atop the upper torso connecting fine embellishments resembling fireworks plus trailings of firework swirls and twirls all together.  The Y103 UjENA one-piece is available at the everyday discount price in size increments 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18.

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