Racy RN by Elegant Moments Lingerie

Racy RN by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Zipper front romper with double lapels plus functional pockets. Registered nurse cap. Red-cross/satin-trim embellish. White/Red. Small/Medium/Large/XL.

Racy RN by Elegant Moments Lingerie

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Mend hubby’s heart! This Racy RN Romper by Elegant Moments Lingerie is locked and loaded for some registered nurse-lovin’ and tender role-playin’. Zip … from the midsection to the tips on the bottom of the double lapels is a solid-red and functional zipper. In my pocket … right above the short hems that are trimmed in the front with red-satin stripes is a pocket decorated with a round emblem and another stripe of satin along the two openings. Hats off … a coordinating cap on a headband marked right in the middle with registered nurse insignia that matches the two on the lapels of this Racy RN Romper by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Special first-aide and misbehavin’ to the rescue! Available in size increments Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Mend broken hearts and maintain peace via humility! Just as we are told in First Peter 3:11, we should pursue healthy relationships (unhealthy ones tend to make life miserable). We will have disagreements with others; simply put, remain respectful to avoid strife.




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