Short Chandelle Robe

Short Chandelle Robe by Shirley of Hollywood. Sheer nylon. Fantastically fluffy chandelle feathers. Thigh-length. Long-sleeve. Open/clasp-free/satin ribbon ties front. White, Black, Red, Baby Pink. One-Size.

Short Chandelle Robe

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Fantastically fluffy feathers flock to the entire outskirts of this Short Chandelle Robe by Shirley of Hollywood. Completely sheer nylon veils the body from the tip-tops of the shoulders, up and down both arms, and all the way down to somewhere near the midsection of the thighs. A shiny ribbon for tying adorns the waistline of the open front full of dyed-to-match chandelle feathers. Dress in some slippers plus a sexy lingerie teddy … cloak a favorite negligee … whatever one chooses to wrap with the Short Chandelle Robe by Shirley of Hollywood will make for moments of passionate plans while all prettied-up! Available in One-Size (Ladies’ robe size increments 6, 8, 10, and 12).

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