UjENA Cocktail Top

Cool Cocktail Top by Ujena Swimwear. Band underbust. Wide halter straps. V-neckline. Ties back/neck. Removable pad inserts. Small/Medium/Large/X-Large/Plus-Size. Cool Cocktail Skirt sold separately.

UjENA Cocktail Top

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Band under the bust plus bursting in crisp white! The Cool Cocktail by Ujena Swimwear (top/skirt sold separately) provides lots of coverage. This halter top ensures steady hold during a friendly game of beach volleyball and water skiing while enjoying family fun in the sun. V-front neckline. Full-fit fabric cups are dart alongside the wide band on the bottom. The bustline band surrounds to back and creates wide ties for looping. The wide halter straps tie at the neck rendering a flexible find-my-fit taut for every top. The UjENA Cool Cocktail bathing suit top is Coconut White & out of sight! Available in size increments Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 1X, and 2X.

Let us always consider the consequences of playin’ around in the devil’s mental/physical/emotional mirage of fun prior to participating; make good choices.




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